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Dan Aument has worked for Knol the Painter since mid-December of 2000. Watercolor drawing and graphic design are a couple of his hobbies. John Knol has very kindly allowed Dan to add a small gallery of his watercolor sketches onto the website.

The large watercolor drawing in the center is of the courtyard restaurant of a hotel in Valladolid, Mexico. The small graphic below it is a menu cover I created for the restaurant using the watercolor and lettering from their letterhead.

My sketches on these pages are taken from my watercolor sketch books. I choose to work with the 9 x 12 inch spiral bound Aqua Bee books of medium weight watercolor paper.

In June of 1993 I sat across the street from this residence in Cuernavaca, Mexico. The home owner admired my drawing of his front gate and he invited me into his property for a tour. It turned out that he was an artist himself who specialized in very large oil paintings of various saints for churches throughout Mexico.

In Chankanab Park
This view of the delightful ocean side park in the South of Cozumel Island, Mexico is missing only the crowds of people.

I try to take the time to add a few notes about each scene as I sketch it - like a diary.