Yacht basin lighthouse on Cozumel Island, Mexico

Because of the necessity of sitting in the shade when drawing in the hot tropical sun, my range of subjects is limited. For this sketch I had to sit under the back end of an abandoned stake truck.

Beach umbrella man
In June of 1996 I took an early morning walk and sketched this young man using a post hole digger to set out a row of brightly decorated beach umbrellas for beach visitors.

Gasthaus near Dresden, Germany
On our only trip to Europe, my wife and I travelled light - my watercolor set literally fit in my shirt pocket. This gasthaus (guesthouse) in the former East Germany had been newly redecorated and upgraded. The woman who operated it spared no effort to ensure our comfort.
I sat on a pile of bricks and sketched this scene in very short order, part of the time with a very friendly neighborhood cat curled up in my lap.

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