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Sketched on Cozumel Island, Mexico 1998. I rented a bicycle and pedaled to some hotels and scenic locations in the Northern hotel zone, intending to spend an hour on each sketch. Here, n aerobics exercise class was underway in the swimming pool of the Melia Mayan Hotel.

The final picture -
from sketches to the finished product.

All three drawings date from fall and winter 2002. An historic cottage at Ottawa Beach Michigan was destroyed by fire and I was asked to drawing the cottage.

In the two small test drawings based on photographs, I made notes about the details which would be important to the success of the finished picture.

The final drawing was done on a quarter sheet of 300# watercolor paper. The picture was double matted using acid free materials and framed in a frame which looked like weathered wood. The finished picture will be hung in the new cottage being built by the family on the same lot.

Mr. Newey’s workshop
Both my father Richard Aument and my great-uncle Raymond Perry were artistic. This watercolor drawing was done by Uncle Ray about 75 years ago on Long Island, New York. “Mister Newey” is depicted in his boat building shop which is filled with hand tools and buckets of paint and varnish. All I have is a black and white photograph of this drawing - the present location of the original is unknown.

Before Uncle Ray died in 1960, he entrusted two thick scrap books of his art and illustrations to my father. In 2004, I will be putting together another website - my fourth one - in tribute to illustrator and artist Raymond Perry utilizing as much of the art from the scrapbooks as possible.